About Us

Founded in 1955, Swedlow Distributors specializes in customizing the perfect configuration of office, warehouse clean room, custom furniture and accessories. In addition to our worldwide associations with both new and used wholesalers and buyers, we provide you with the best service.

To better understand Swedlow Distributors, take a look at what we have done for a few of our clients:

"Swedlow Distributors has been a major supplier of office furniture and other equipment to our Company for many years. During that time we have developed a good rapport and working relationship. They consistently have competitive prices and at the same time, provided excellent service."

- A.E. Jennings Mcdonnell Douglas.

"Swedlow played a major role in the success of our recent relocation. They managed the entire project from start to finish. Each employee’s task was accessed, layouts and drawings were prepared, furniture and accessories were specified: nothing was left to chance. They did a fantastic job."

- Jim Brenner-Pres. Castor and Associates.